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Ray Batt , Director Government solutions Europe, SITA

A result well worth waiting for

Among the celebrations surrounding the conclusion of the UEFA Euro 2016, there was clear relief that the event passed off without a major security incident. The massive influx of people for such a major sporting event highlights the importance of risk assessment of passenger data in keeping countries secure. To this end, the European Parliament issued a new directive regulating the use of passenger name record (PNR) data for the fight against serious crime and terrorism.


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Armin Ebrahimi , CEO, ShoCard

Is blockchain technology the answer?

Armin Ebrahimi, CEO at ShoCard, believes that blockchain technology could help revolutionize identity management with its ability to maintain traveler data privacy.

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Sean Farrell , Portfolio Director, Government Solution Line

Securing the border in times of uncertainty

Vetting such large numbers of people without increasing resources or significantly harming the passenger experience is a huge challenge for border management agencies. Recent international terrorism events only increase the stakes.

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