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A statement from our CEO

Welcome to our fourth Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report.

It is with great pleasure that I present our fourth annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report and reaffirm SITA’s long-term commitment to operate responsibly across all our locations. Its title, “Acting locally, on a global scale”, encapsulates the direction and scale of our CSR vision and the positive actions we take to manage the economic, environmental and social impacts of an organization that operates in nearly every country and territory around the world.

Since starting our CSR program we have made steady advances in our three strategic areas: integrating CSR into our business, managing our environmental impact, and bringing value to our communities. I would like to highlight a few exceptional achievements from 2015 among the many detailed in this report.

The remarkable growth of the air transport industry in Africa has provided an important focal point for a number of CSR activities throughout the year, including a Women in African Air Transport networking event held in South Africa in November in conjunction with BARSA (Board of Airline Representatives of South Africa). The event brought together over 40 women from senior positions in airlines, airports and related operations to discuss the role, challenges and opportunities for women in the industry. The conversations started here will continue through the next 12 months and beyond.

2015 marked the first full operational year of the SITA Air Transport Community Foundation, our new SITA Council commitment to provide $500,000 annually for IT and education projects in Africa. During the year the Foundation supported charities including PEAS (Promoting Equality in African Schools) and ComputerAid International – providing funds to create and equip computer labs in schools in Uganda and Ethiopia. Other beneficiaries of the SITA Foundation included university students in South Africa who received scholarships and grants towards completing their studies through the University of the Witwatersrand Foundation.

Over the past two years we have met our goals in gaining certification for our environmental management system. As of Q1 2015 SITA earned ISO14001 (Environmental Management Systems) certification in its five largest employee sites, representing around 45% of the office-based employee population. In terms of our environmental impact we have seen an increase in our emissions related to air travel – a challenge that we continue to face when working with almost every airline and airport around the world. Nonetheless I was pleased to see continued reductions in energy and emissions intensity in our offices. We will continue our endeavors in this area.

Another important area has been the roll-out of SITA’s integrity, compliance and ethics (ICE) program, with our Code of Conduct that defines how we act to ensure that SITA sustains its excellent reputation. By launching ICE, we are demonstrating our continuing commitment to "doing the right thing".

I have been pleased this year to review and reconfirm our commitment to the recently updated United Nations Global Compact ten principles. Together with my colleagues on the CSR Executive Review Board and across our organization, I look forward to further strengthening SITA’s commitment to CSR through this framework, as well as the recently released UN Sustainable Development Goals. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank the many SITA staff who reflect and extend these CSR commitments through their inspiring engagements with local community and charitable causes.

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Francesco Violante



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